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MV Cast Resin Instrument Transformers

RECO Cast Resin Instrument Transformers provide equipment manufacturers and the utilities with the benefit of reliability and accuracy along with quality & services. These Medium Voltage CT's & PT's are tailor-made to the specifications of OEM's and utilities at our facility at Lonavala- Maharashtra.


Current voltage classes of 3.3 kV up to 33kV with window, bar and wound primary designs are manufactured at RECO as per IS/ IEC/BS specifications. .


1. Non-ageing Epoxy with Class B insulation.

2. Non Hygroscopic.

3. Vacuum cast under controlled conditions

4. Good mechanical stability under fault conditions.

5. Tested as per national & international standards.

6. Partial discharges as per allowable limits.

7. Designed to work in high ambient in enclosed switchgears.

RECO utilizes controlled processes to minimize any void formation. The transformers are tested for partial discharge in the in-house test facility.

Partial discharge can occur in any cavity/void in the dielectric, because of electrical stress the insulation is subjected to. The casting, curing, vacuum & viscosity are effectively controlled for a void free dielectric.

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